What’s Next?

What happens after referral to the SAIF program?

Upon receiving a referral for SAIF (Stop Abuse for Individuals & Families) programming, Restorative Services employs a diligent screening process to assess eligibility criteria. Once the request is processed, our dedicated staff promptly contact the client to arrange an Intimate Partner Domestic Violence Risk Assessment. This assessment is grounded in evidence-based and actuarial principles, providing a comprehensive evaluation of the client’s risk for repeated domestic incidents.

The risk assessment places clients into one of seven risk categories, corresponding to a risk score ranging from 0 to 13. A score of [0] designates the lowest risk category, while a score of [7] or higher indicates the highest risk category, signaling an elevated potential for re-assault. This fact-based evaluation guarantees that clients are appropriately placed in the most suitable treatment group or program.

Following the successful completion of the Risk Assessment, we promptly share the results and treatment recommendations with the referring agency. Based on the assessment, clients are categorized as Low, Medium, or High Risk, and corresponding treatment recommendations are detailed below.

Restorative Services is dedicated to providing a robust and data-driven assessment process that ensures each client receives the appropriate level of care, fostering their journey towards healthier and safer relationships.

Assessed at Low Risk

[Risk Score of 0-3]

Victim Empathy – Intimate Partner & Family session(s) [1, 2, or 3-part session]

Clients in this category receive recommendations for Restorative Justice sessions that focus on building healthy communication skills, emotional regulation, and conflict resolution.

Assessed at Medium Risk

[Risk Score of 4-6]

Intimate Partner Domestic Violence Medium-Risk Group [6 weeks]

Clients assessed as medium risk are recommended for specialized programs aimed at addressing underlying issues, enhancing coping strategies, and promoting responsible and non-violent behavior.

Assessed at High Risk

[Risk Score of 7-13]

Intimate Partner Domestic Violence Men’s Group [12 weeks]

For clients considered high risk, our comprehensive intervention program is  recommended to address complex issues, promote accountability, and prevent further escalation of behaviors.