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Restorative Counseling Service Fees:

St. Croix Valley Restorative Services is a private-pay organization and we do not accept insurance. We believe in providing the communities we serve with mental health counseling at a price-point that is affordable.

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Why don’t we accept Insurance?

Higher Insurance Premiums

You may not have an issue with your personal information being shared with your insurance company from a confidentiality standpoint, however, you probably didn’t realize that sharing this information can have unintended consequences in the future. As said, your therapist must provide your insurance company with your diagnosis to be paid. What if you don’t have a need for diagnosis? After all, many people seek therapy for personal growth and exploration, or for brief support on a specific topic, not because they are depressed or anxious or have a serious mental illness. A diagnosis is required for insurance providers to authorize your sessions and will not continue to authorize future sessions without premium adjustment.

Insurance-Driven Treatment

When a therapist takes insurance, they are required to use treatment methods that are covered by your plan. We want to treat you based on your specific and individual needs. We will meet with you and assess your personal needs and form treatment around those needs.

Less Confidentiality

When you use insurance to pay for therapy, your therapist is required to make and provide your diagnosis and treatment notes to your insurance company in order to get paid. This undermines the basic premise of therapy and gives a lot more people access to private health information about you.

Our Fees:

Mental Health Diagnostic Assessment (court-ordered)$200.00
Intake/First Session, 90 minutes$100.00
Counseling Session, 50 minutes$80.00
No-Show Fee, Missed Appointment$40.00
Intake/First Session, 90 minutes$120.00
Counseling Session, 50 minutes$100.00
No-Show Fee, Missed Appointment$40.00
Intake/First Session, 50 minutes$70.00
Counseling Session, 50 minutes$50.00
No-Show Fee, Missed Appointment$40.00
Assessment/Consultation, 10 minutesFree of Charge