Groups & Legal

Restorative Services can work with, or as an alternative to, the criminal justice system. We offer programming, sessions and groups that address interpersonal conflict or legal issues that you or a loved one may be experiencing. We at Restorative Services pride ourselves in the ability to tailor services to any individual or family in need.


Utilizing the principles and practices of Restorative Justice, our prevention and intervention sessions repair harm caused by crime and conflict without the use of punative shaming and blaming techniques.

By involving community resources in the repairing of harm caused by an offender through their offense, Restorative Services emphasizes the revitalization and strengthening of community-based processes of informal social control and support.

See our Prevention & Intervention services for more details about Restorative Justice sessions, or our Stop Abuse for Individuals and Families (SAIF) services for intimate partner and family conflict.

Contact our office to discuss opporutnities to get involved, or with questions about our programming and services.