Student Transition Group

Navigating Next Steps:

For Graduating High School Students

Restorative Services is excited to introduce a group to help with high school students in taking their next steps post high school graduation. This group will be led by a licensed Social Worker (MSW, APSW).  This group offers a unique opportunity for students to develop essential life skills in a supportive environment before they take their next steps in life post graduation.

Our group focus will be unique as it is  those who just graduated high school and is helpful in their next transition of college, trade school, work, or whatever it is they decide as their next step. This can be a very anxious time within a young adults life. The goal is to discuss and work through their anxieties, changes, provide support, build coping skills, and overall life skills.

Group Overview


Offered Tuesday’s from 10am – 12pm (June 11, 18, & 25)  |  $150

Group Goals include:

  1. Understand and acknowledge the significance of the high school experience.
  2. Discuss post-graduation stress.
  3. Understand and prepare for common difficulties associated with transitioning into post-high school life.
  4. Identify and externalize potential struggles contributing to post-graduation anxiety.
  5. Develop skills to be implemented to help decrease anxieties regarding post-graduation stressors.
  6. Evaluate preparedness for the next phase of life.
  7. Develop strategies for enhancing deficient areas of preparedness.

Group Information & Pricing:

This psychoeducation group is specially designed for post high school graduate students to provide a supportive and engaging environment tailored to their unique needs and experiences. The group is priced at $150 for all three sessions, offering exceptional value for the transformative journey that awaits. Don’t miss this opportunity to invest in your well-being and build a strong foundation for your future success!

Each group will be held at the Restorative Services Center. Grounded in cognitive principles, our group focus will be on the essential next steps following high school graduation. This group setting allows for personalized attention and meaningful interactions, creating a safe space for students to explore and develop essential life skills.

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